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Health Care Providers: A Critical Link To Safety for Forced Marriage Survivors

This webinar provides an in-depth perspective on challenges that survivors of forced marriage experience. Participants will be able to describe forced and child marriage and its intersections with other forms of abuse, articulate the health impacts of forced and child marriage, and demonstrate an understanding of best practices when it comes to screening and response to survivors and individuals at risk to reduce and prevent future harm in a healthcare setting. Dr. Batool completed a qualitative investigation intended to assess how forced marriages influence women’s physical and psychological well-being. This research provides deep insight on survivor’s experience and overall well-being.

The webinar was funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP), grant number 90ZV0142 and produced by the Tahirih Justice Center. The contents of this webinar are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of HHS.

For more, see our Tip Sheet for Healthcare Providers

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Tip Sheet for Healthcare Providers

Author: Forced Marriage Initiative

Publication: April 2024

This tip sheet provides an overview of forced marriage in the healthcare setting and provides guidance for healthcare providers who may encounter individuals facing a forced marriage. It includes dispelling common myths, an overview of the health impacts, common red flags, and tips on how to screen for and respond to suspected forced marriage cases.

For more information, please click on: Tips for Healthcare Providers

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Forced and Child Marriage in Refugee Communities: Recognizing the Problem & Responding to Individuals at Risk

The Forced Marriage Initiative joined with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) to host a webinar titled Forced and Child Marriage in Refugee Communities: Recognizing the Problem & Responding to Individuals at Risk. The webinar discussed the reasons behind forced and child marriage, the shape these harms take within refugee communities, how they intersect with other forms of harm, and best practices for identifying and responding to forced and child marriage.

For more, see our Tip Sheet for Refugee Service Providers and reports on Child Marriage in the United States.

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10 States Later: Ending Child Marriage in the United States

Michigan recently became the 10th state to ban child marriage, a milestone victory! In this webinar, Casey Swegman, Director of Public Policy, and Alex Goyette, Public Policy Manager, discuss this significant milestone and Tahirih’s vision for ending child marriage in the next 40 states.

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Forced Travel and Emergency Repatriation – Responding to Forced Marriage Cases When Travel Abroad Occurs

Forced marriages that are threatened or happen abroad can put survivors in especially challenging and dangerous situations. Services may be more difficult to access, and attempting to return to the United States can be difficult and dangerous.

This session will discuss the advanced risk assessment and safety planning required for these cases, the long-term emotional support often required by survivors in a prolonged situation of forced travel, and the interagency coordination required for emergency repatriations.

Hellitz Villegas, FMI Project Manager
Briana Roberts, FMI Project Associate

For more information on how to assist individuals at risk of a forced marriage and safely plan to avoid or prepare for overseas travel, read our tip sheet: Safety Planning for Travel Overseas Tip Sheet .

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