About Us

The Forced Marriage Initiative is a project of the Tahirih Justice Center. The Tahirih Justice Center is a national, non-profit organization that protects courageous immigrant women and girls who refuse to be victims of violence. We elevate their voices in communities, courts, and Congress to create a world where women and girls enjoy equality and live in safety and with dignity.

The mission of the Forced Marriage Initiative is to end forced marriage in the United States.

With your help, we are building a national movement to protect the rights of anyone facing forced marriage, supporting collaborations across communities, and opening space for dialog among diverse voices.

The Tahirih Justice Center launched the Forced Marriage Initiative in 2011 in response to the results of our National Survey.

The Forced Marriage Initiative aims to:

  • Better understand the scope and severity of forced marriage in the United States;
  • Raise awareness about the problem;
  • Encourage and empower individuals facing or fleeing forced marriages to seek help;
  • Build a network of service providers, community advocates, and government agencies with  the necessary tools and expertise to help individuals at risk.