“Woman filmmaker creates ‘Banaz: A Love Story’ to stop honour violence worldwide,” Women News Network (November 9, 2012). Filmmaker and human rights activist Deeyah discusses her new documentary Banaz: A Love Story, which profiles the life and tragic death of Banaz Mamod, a forced marriage survivor who was the victim of a brutal “honor killing” by her family in the United Kingdom. Read here.

“Palestinian hip hop group DAM raises awareness of ‘honour killings’ through a powerful music video” UN Women (November 9, 2012). A Palestinian music group has partnered with UN Women to create and release a music video as part of a new campaign to fight against the prevalence of so-called “honor crimes.” Read/see video here. See also: Ilene Prusher, “Hip-hop for Change: No honor in honor crimes,” The Jerusalem Post (November 6, 2012). Read here.

Antoine Blua and Gulaiym Ashakeeva, “Move to Toughen Kyrgyz Bride-Snatching Laws Gains Momentum,” Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (October 18, 2012). The Parliament in Kyrgystan is looking to increase the penalty for kidnapping girls under the age of 17, which is often a means to force them into marriage. Read here.

“Documentary screening: There is a way out of forced marriages says activist,” The Express Tribune (October 12, 2012). Samar Minallah Khan’s new documentary Poles Apart highlights survivors of forced marriages in Pakistan and among Pakistani diaspora communities, and advocates for abandonment of the practice. Read here.

Lisa Rein, “Tutu promotes campaign to end child marriage,”  The Washington Post (October 11, 2012). Archbishop Desmond Tutu highlights the efforts of The Elder’s Girls Not Brides campaign to end child marriage in the developing world. Read here.

Karen Bale, “Forced marriages inflicted on thousands in the UK despite new Scottish legislation,” Daily Record (October 11, 2012). This article discusses the prevalence of forced marriage in the UK, the policy of criminalization, and two specific cases of women who escaped forced marriage. Read here.

Kate Hairsine, “New weapon against forced marriage goes live,” The Local (October 11, 2012). Terre des Femmes has launched an online support forum for girls in Germany impacted by forced marriage. Read here.

Niharika Mandhana, “Debating the Death Sentence for ‘Honor’ Killings,” The New York Times (October 8, 2012). Indian courts struggle to determine punishments for family members convicted of murdering two young people who wished to marry against their families’ wishes to individuals outside their caste and religious group. Read here.

“PM criticized for views on tackling forced marriages,” The Copenhagen Post (October 4, 2012). Focuses on the increasing prevalence of forced marriages in Denmark, and examines the shortcomings of current laws in place to protect victims. Read here.

Sabeena Pirooz, “Speakers’ Corner: Sabeena Pirooz on Forced Marriage,” The Post (August 27, 2012). The Director of The Sky Project, a charity that assists forced marriage survivors in south-west England, discusses potential challenges to the UK’s plan of criminalizing forced marriage. Read here.

“UK judge says ‘forced marriage’ of disabled woman should be annulled,” BBC (August 16, 2012). UK courts find that a disabled Bangladeshi woman lacked capacity to enter into a marriage. Read here.  (See also – Helen Lawson, “Disabled Muslim woman’s forced marriage is not valid in Britain rules judge who says she does not have ability to consent,” Daily Mail (August 16, 2012). Read here.)

“Shafilea Ahmed murder trial: Parents guilty of killing,” BBC News (August 3, 2012). The parents of forced marriage survivor Shafilea Ahmed have received life sentences after being convicted of her murder. Read here.

Helen Carter, “Shafilea Ahmed Murder: UK Urged to Act Against ‘Honour’ Crimes,” The Guardian (August 3, 2012). In light of the recent conviction of Shafilea Ahmed’s parents, charity launches first film and lesson plan to address forced marriage and honor violence in UK schools. Read here.

Mihaela Ivancheva, “’It’s a shambles’: Forced marriage victim warns about David Cameron’s plans to criminalise the practice,” Mancunian Matters (June 18, 2012). Read here.

John Bingham, “Forced marriage: criminalisation could deter victims, claim charities,” The Telegraph (June 9, 2012). Read here.

“Forced marriage parents face jail under new laws,” BBC (June 8, 2012). Read here.

John Bingham, “Forced marriage: 120 cases a month this year as David Cameron outlaws ‘virtual slavery’,” The Telegraph (June 8, 2012). Read here.

Alan Travis, “David Cameron to announce decision on forced marriage law,” The Guardian (June 6, 2012). Read here.

Tim Arango, “Where Arranged Marriages Are Customary, Suicides Grow More Common,” The New York Times (June 6, 2012). Read here.

Urs Geiser, “Parliament cracks down on forced marriages,” Swiss Info (June 5, 2012). Read here.

Richard Willingham, “New laws criminalise slave practices,” The Sydney Morning Herald (May 30, 2012). Read here.

Jim Cameron, “Rise in calls about forced marriage,” The Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra (May 25, 2012). Read here.

“48 Hours Mystery: A Family’s Honor,” CBS (April 7, 2012). View here.

Will Carless and Ian Lovett, “Family of Iraqi Women Killed in California Was in Crisis, Records Show,” The New York Times (April 5, 2012). Read here.

Julia Dahl, “‘Honor Killing’ under growing scrutiny in the U.S.,” CBS News (April 5, 2012). Read here.

Mustapha Ajbaili, “Moroccan girl commits suicide after being forced to marry her rapist,” Al Arabiya News (March 14, 2012). Read here.

David Schwartz, “Phoenix police arrest Iraqi woman for burning daughter,” Reuters (February 16, 2012). Read here.

Charundi Panagoda, “U.S.: Forced Marriages Still an Ugly Secret,” Inter Press Service (January 26, 2012). Read here.

“Forced Marriage in the U.S.,” The Pro Bono Eye (January 3, 2012). Read here.

Jon Boone, “Afghan child bride had escaped torturers but was sent back,” The Guardian (January 2, 2012). Read here.