is this country

Pamela Haag, “’In This Country?’ Forced Marriage is a ‘Serious but Hidden’ Problem,” Big Think (December 20, 2011). Read here.

new school teaching

Chi Chi Izundu, “New School Teaching Pack to Help Spot Forced Marriages,” BBC Newsbeat (December 14, 2011). Read here.

FM in England could number 8000

Alan Travis, “Forced Marriages in England Could Number 8,000,” The Guardian. (December 12, 2011). Read here.

new FM law comes into effect in Scotland

“New Forced Marriage Law Comes into Effect in Scotland,” BBC News (November 28, 2011). Read here.

the modern slave trade

Sue Reid, “The Modern Slave Trade: Taken on Holiday and Forced to Wed a Stranger,” MailOnline (November 17, 2011). Read here.

FM more prevalent in Germany than thought

“Forced Marriages in Germany More Prevalent than Thought,” Spiegel Online (November 09, 2011). Read here.