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Safety Planning for Travel Overseas Tip Sheet

Author: Tahirih Justice Center

Publication: January, 2017

This resource, created by the Tahirih Justice Center’s Forced Marriage Initiative, provides advice and guidance for those facing travel overseas where a forced marriage is possible. Individuals are strongly advised to avoid leaving the United States if a forced marriage is possible or imminent as it is extremely challenging to get help overseas. This tip sheet and the accompanying safety planning worksheet will assist those working with individuals at risk of forced marriage to plan in order avoid or prepare for travel overseas.

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Preventing Forced Marriage in the United States: Tip Sheet for Educators

Author: Tahirih Justice Center

This two page document is geared towards education professionals (teachers, counselors, school liaison officers, etc.) and contains guidance and resources for recognizing and responding to individuals facing forced marriage.

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Keep Safe

Author: Karma Nirvana

A list of useful tips for staying safe when using the internet.

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Basic Response Guide

Author: The Honour Based Violence Awareness Network

A guide of suggested response measures for service providers.

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Forced Marriage & Honor Killing Check Sheet

Author: The Pixel Project

This checklist provides a basic tip sheet for service providers working with survivors of Forced Marriage and Honour Violence.

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