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What Does the American Public Know about Child Marriage?

AuthorsDavid W. Lawson, Rachel Lynes, Addison Morris, Susan B. Schaffnit

Published: September 23, 2020

This study examined what the public in the United States knows about the issue of child marriage, both worldwide and within the U.S. itself. Researchers discovered significant misconceptions on both fronts, including a widespread and incorrect belief that child marriage was illegal in all 50 states. Read more.

Understanding Forced Marriage in the United States: Developing Measures, Examining its Nature, and Assessing Gender Disparities

Authors: Sino Esthappan, Sara Bastomski, Janine Zweig, Meredith Dank, and Hannah Love

Publication: October 19, 2018

While an emerging scholarly literature has begun to inform responses to forced marriage in Canada and Western Europe, few studies have examined the issue in the United States. The present study is the first large scale examination of forced marriage prevalence in the United States. It surveys a national sample of adult internet users to estimate prevalence of and gender disparities in forced marriage among U.S. adults. Read more.

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