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A Closer Look at Forced and Early Marriage in African Immigrant Communities in New York City

Author: Sauti Yetu

Publication: Sauti Yetu Occasional Report, Vol. 3, 2012

This report looks at young girls’ experiences with forced and early marriages within African immigrant communities in New York.

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Early and Forced Marriage in African Communities

This webinar features Dr. Ramatu Bangura, Director of Youth Programs at the Sauti Yetu Center for African Women and Families in New York City. Sauti Yetu works with immigrant and refugee girls from countries with higher rates of early and forced marriage such as Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, and Niger. In this webinar, Dr. Ramatu Bangura discusses the complex challenges individuals facing forced marriage from these communities encounter as well as the findings from Sauti Yetu’s original study on early and forced marriage in West African communities in New York City.


This webinar was first presented as part of the Forced Marriage Initiative’s Quarterly Webinar Series on March 14, 2013.


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