This is a searchable library of publications, webinars, blog posts, and training manuals from the U.S. and around the world on the topic of forced marriage.

Forced Marriage Fact Sheet

Author: Tahirih Justice Center

This document provides a basic definition of forced marriage and facts about forced marriage in the United States.

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Post-2015 toolkit: Make ending child, early and forced marriage a global priority

Author: Girls Not Brides

Publication: January 22, 2015

The Girls Not Brides secretariat developed a post-2015 advocacy toolkit for members and other organisations that wish to encourage their governments to support a target to end child, early and forced marriage in the post-2015 development agenda.

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Criminal Laws Address Forced Marriage in the United States

Author: Tahirih Justice Center

Publication: July 2013

This document provides an overview of state laws that address forced marriage in the United States, including California, Washington, DC, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, Virginia, Virgin Islands, and West Virginia.

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Remedies for Forced Marriage – A Handbook for Lawyers

Author: Interights – The International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights

Publication: 1st Edition 2011, 2nd Edition 2014

This Handbook brings together expert commentaries by lawyers and activists working on the issue of forced marriages and interference with choice in marriage in four different countries: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. The Handbook is intended to assist those seeking legal remedies in such cases, and in particular to prevent forced marriages, and protect those affected. While aimed primarily at lawyers, we hope that it will also be useful for voluntary sector workers, social workers and women’s rights advocates and activists seeking to identify available legal remedies.

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Forced Marriage 101

This webinar features Heather Heiman and Casey Swegman from the Forced Marriage Initiative at the Tahirih Justice Center. The webinar presents an overview of the nature and scope of forced marriage in the United States, as well as a discussion of the complex social and cultural dynamics and the unique challenges of problem-solving and safety-planning in such cases. The webinar also provides guidance on how to better screen for and identify potential warning signs and indicators of forced marriage within the populations you serve and best practices for providing culturally responsive services.



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