This is a searchable library of publications, webinars, blog posts, and training manuals from the U.S. and around the world on the topic of forced marriage.

Shame Travels

Author: Jasvinder Sanghera

Publication: 2011

With her own daughter about to marry, Jasvinder Sanghera decides to challenge thirty years of rejection by going to India herself. She wants to explore her roots and to see for herself the place her parents called home until the day they died. What she finds in India and what she learns changes the way she sees the world, and has important lessons for all of us. Shame Travels is not only a gripping and revealing quest, but also an inspirational journey of the heart.

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Author: Jasvinder Sanghera

Publication: 2007

When she was fourteen, Jasvinder Sanghera was shown a photo of the man chosen to be her husband. She was terrified. She’d witnessed the torment her sisters endured in their arranged marriages, so she ran away from home, grief-stricken when her parents disowned her. Shame is the heart-rending true story of a young girl’s attempt to escape from a cruel, claustrophobic world where family honor mattered more than anything – sometimes more than life itself.

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Secrets of the Henna Girl

Author: Sufia Ahmed

Publication: 2012

Life as Zeba knows it could be over for good. Zeba Khan is like any other sixteen-year-old girl: enjoying herself, waiting for exam results, and dreaming of the day she’ll meet her one true love. Except her parents have other plans.

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Heartbeats – The Izzat Project

Author: Pomegranate Tree Group

Publication: 2012 (1st Edition); 2014 (2nd Edition)

This graphic novel tells the stories of South Asian women from a diversity of cultural and religious backgrounds who encounter resistance from their families for how women choose to live their lives. The stories address challenges of expectations women face when they move away from home, choose partners of their own, come to terms with their sexuality and discuss sexual abuse, and find their own understanding of spirituality and religious beliefs.

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Child Marriage Factsheet

Author: Equality Now

This short document from Equality Now provides statistics about child marriage and marriage laws around the world.

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