Identifying and Responding to Forced Marriage Cases

Forced and child marriage are significant, yet hidden, problems in the United States that impact individuals from every socio-economic status, ethnic and religious background. While there is growing recognition that these forms of abuse are present in the U.S., many survivors and individuals at risk of all ages still struggle to receive the support and services they need to get safe and rebuild their lives on their own terms. In this webinar FMI staff cover the nature of forced marriage, the connection between forced marriage and other forms of abuse, such as domestic violence and child abuse, and the unique challenges of providing support and safety-planning in these cases.

Hellitz Villegas, FMI Project Manager
Briana Roberts, FMI Project Associate
Casey Carter Swegman, Director of Public Policy

For more information on how forced marriage intersects with other forms of abuse, read our report: The Intersectionality of Forced Marriage and Other Forms of Abuse in the United States.
For comprehensive guidance for service providers who may encounter individuals facing forced marriage, read our A Framework for Identifying and Responding to Cases of Forced Marriage.
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