Honour Based Violence and Abuse, Forced Marriage, and Female Genital Mutilation: Shaping Services for Priority Victims in Hertfordshire

Authors: Prof. Aisha K. Gill, Prof. Pamela Cox, Ms. Ruth Weir Publication: April 2017 This report was written for the Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner in the UK in order to help improve understanding of specialist support needs for survivors of forced marriage, female genital mutilation/cutting FGM/C, and honor-based violence/abuse. Researchers conducted in-depth interviews with survivors of forced marriage and honor-based abuse as well as multi-agency practitioners working with survivors in the UK. Main findings include: the need for increased training and specialized services to address dynamics unique to honor based violence, forced marriage, and FGM/C; suggestions on how to improve cross-agency collaboration; and insight on the significant barriers and risks victims face which contribute to underreporting. Using first person reflections from survivors who engaged with services, the research identifies approaches that contribute supportive responses for survivors. The research also provides recommendations for improving local responses to forced marriage, honor-based violence, and FGM/C.
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