This is a searchable library of publications, webinars, blog posts, and training manuals from the U.S. and around the world on the topic of forced marriage.

Forced and Child Marriage

Author: The Advocates for Human Rights

Publication: 2010

This article provides definitions of forced marriage, outlines available prevalence data, and details the harms and risks associated with the practice.

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Child Marriages: 39,000 every day

Author: World Health Organization

Publication: March 7th, 2013

This short report outlines the problem of child marriage globally with an emphasis on the personal and societal impacts of the practice. The authors also outline effective programs working to prevent child marriage and provide recommendations for the UN Millennium Development Goals.

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Ending Child Marriage: What will it take?

Author: Girls Not Brides

Publication: August 2013

This report provides a broad overview of the causes and consequences of child marriage, potential strategies to address the issue, and factors to consider when assessing where investment is needed and where change is most feasible.

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Child Marriage: A global problem too long ignored

Author: Girls Not Brides

A helpful graphic that illustrates the global problem of child marriage.

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But It’s Not Fair

Author: Aneeta Prem

Publication: 2011

Sofia and Vinny are sisters who live in the East End of London. Sofia 10 loves bling, celebrities and wants to be on the cover of the glossy magazines. Vinny and Sofia’s safe world is turned upside down when Abby Kambi and her very traditional family move into the neighborhood. Vinny and Abby become best friends. Abby and her family go abroad to her cousin’s wedding in the summer holidays and Abby doesn’t return. What would you do if your best friend went on holiday and didn’t come back? Would you turn a blind eye or would you stand up and shout ‘but it’s not fair’ until somebody listened?

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