Nick McCarthy, “Revealed: Police secure court orders to protect victims of forced marriage,” Birmingham Mail (January 4, 2017). This article shares data on forced marriage prosecutions and protection orders from the West Midlands police in the UK. While they have received frequent requests for help related to forced marriage and have been able to obtain forced marriage protection orders, criminal prosecution has been challenging due to victims’ unwillingness to pursue charges against their family. Read More.

Brian Stieglitz, “Former Pakistani child bride shares story with students,” Lynbrook Herald (January 5, 2017). This article tells the story of forced marriage survivor Naila Amin, who was forced into marriage overseas at age 15. After managing to escape and returning to the United States, Naila founded her own non-profit and she hopes to open a shelter for young women facing forced marriage. Read more.

Matthew Bell, “Germany is taking a harder look at child marriage,” Jefferson Public Radio (January 6, 2017). German authorities are considering legislation to increase the minimum age of marriage, which currently allows family courts to grant permission to marry for minors aged 16 and 17. The article also tells the story of survivor advocate, Irina Bedawi, who has written a book about her experience of being forced into marriage at age 16 in Germany. Read more.

Frances Perraudin, “FCO reviews policy of making forced marriage victims pay for flights,” The Guardian (January 11, 2017). The United Kingdom’s Foreign Office has announced that it will be reviewing its policy requiring victims of forced marriage overseas to repay the cost of their repatriation to the government. This move was announced after advocates from Muslim Women’s Network raised concerns about a 17 year old survivor who was forced to sign a loan agreement and surrender her passport in order to return to the U.K. Read here.

Australian Associated Press, “Muslim cleric accused of performing forced marriage of child bride sacked,” The Guardian (January 16, 2017). A cleric from Melbourne, Australia who allegedly performed a forced marriage of a minor has been removed from his post and has had his marriage license revoked. The Imam is charged with conduct that caused a minor to enter into a forced marriage. In response, the Board of Imams Victoria issued a statement condemning forced and child marriages. Read here.


May Bulman, “Denmark bans marriage for under-18s after report suggests dozens of asylum seeking teens arriving with spouses,” The Independent (January 20, 2017). The Danish parliament has approved a bill prohibiting marriage under the age of 18 after a report revealed last year that there were several minors in the Danish asylum system who have spouses or registered partners. The bill also states that marriages of minors which took place abroad will be recognized in Denmark, with exceptions for those who can provide a “compelling argument” for their marriage. A number of legal experts and human rights groups in Denmark have criticized the new legislation, saying it doesn’t take the child’s best interest into consideration. Read more.

Ameila Pang, “Forced Marriage of Children Happens in America, Too” Truthdig (January 25, 2017). This article tells the story of forced marriage survivor, Naila Amin, and shares statistics from the Tahirih Justice Center demonstrating that many individuals in similar situations are not coming to the attention of service providers or receiving adequate protection. The article also includes information about U.S. age of marriage laws which fail to protect minors from forced marriage and statistics from Unchained at Last on child marriage in the United States. Read More.

“Forced Marriage” BBC – The Conversation (January 30, 2017). This radio piece features an interview with Jasvinder Sanghera from the U.K., and Fraidy Reiss from New Jersey. Both Sanghera and Reiss are survivors of forced marriage who have gone on to found their own organizations dedicated to serving survivors and raising awareness about forced marriage. Listen here.

Louise Aitken, “Training to recognise women forced into marriage in North-east” Evening Express (February 2, 2017). Police officers, teachers and mental health workers in Scotland are to receive mandatory training on how to spot survivors of forced marriage after a four-year study conducted by the Scottish Government found the need for an increase in the provision of services. The recommendation stems from information gathered on cases of forced marriage in six areas across the country. During that time, almost 200 cases were reported. Read More.